Hyperconvergence for Service Providers, the advantages in using this technology

19 Mar 2024 | Hyperconvergence

In today’s increasingly digital world, service providers are looking for advanced solutions to meet the growing needs of businesses and consumers.Hyperconvergence is rapidly emerging as one of the main pillars on which to build IT infrastructure to meet this evolving demand.


Hyperconvergence for Service Providers

Regardless of the services offered, service providers must have a resilient, scalable and efficient IT infrastructure, especially in terms of cost.

The level of storage employed by hyperconverged solutions is at the heart of this, as it can constantly protect customers’ data, their most valuable asset.

Companies that adopt hyperconvergence are able to offer their customers a more reliable, flexible and secure cloud experience.



What is hyperconvergence?

The term hyperconvergence refers to a type of IT infrastructure having a hardware architecture, or software, capable of managing computing, storage and networking resources in a single integrated platform.

This type of infrastructure is designed to simplify management, improve operational efficiency and offer greater flexibility in the deployment and management of IT resources.


All-in-One Hyperconvergence

The OpenStor All-in-One Hyperconvergence System is a hyperconvergence solution that integrates all the hardware and software components of a data center into a single system. This includes the server side, storage for data archiving, switches intended for networking and virtualization.

The hyperconverged system consists of a single chassis, consisting of 4 rack units, which contains all the components necessary for the complete operation of the IT infrastructure. This apparatus is preconfigured and ready to use, making it an excellent solution to easily implement and manage.

OpenStor hyperconverged systems are fully scalable. In fact, they can be easily expanded to meet any growing needs of companies, easily managing workloads.


Openstor 2910 hyperconvergence system

The Openstor 2910 hyperconvergence (HCI ) system combines Server, Storage, Networking and Virtualization, in just 4 Rack units. It can be expanded upon request as the company grows.

OpenStor 2910 does not require any external switches, thus allowing the difficulty of network planning to be reduced by 90 percent.

A number of built-in features make it a very versatile solution for any type of virtualization.



Benefits for Service Providers

Efficiency: With hyperconvergence, service providers can dramatically simplify infrastructure management. Centralized administration enables the automation of many provisioning and resource management processes, minimizing the time and resources required to maintain the infrastructure.

Scalability: The hyperconverged environment enables rapid and smooth scalability. As new resources are added, whether additional storage capacity or additional processing power, service providers can easily adapt to customer needs without disruption in services.

Cost reduction: Hyperconvergence reduces overall infrastructure costs. By eliminating the need to purchase and manage servers, storage and network separately, providers can reduce upfront costs and long-term operating costs. In addition, automation and simplified management reduce the need for dedicated IT staff.



Hyperconvergence represents the future of service providers, offering operational efficiency, scalability, cost reduction and improved performance. With proper planning and implementation, providers can take full advantage of this innovative technology to deliver advanced IT solutions to their customers and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

OpenStor hyperconvergence systems

OpenStor XXXX


The HA Metro Cluster hyperconvergence system consists of 2 OpenStor Storage Servers interconnected via a high-speed, low-latency 40GbE LAN card. VMware ESXi and Open-E JovianDSS are present on both.

OpenStor XXXX


The HA Metro Cluster hyperconvergence system consists of 2 OpenStor Storage Servers, with Full NVMe technology , interconnectedvia high-speed, low-latency 40GbE LAN card. VMware ESXi and Open-E JovianDSS are present on both.

OpenStor 2910


The Openstor 2910 hyperconvergence (HCI ) system powered by Huawei combines Server, Storage, Networking, and Virtualization, in just 4 Rack units and can be expanded on demand based on business growth.